Sharpen the Vision to Protect Community Dreams, PFI Mega Life Launches Mega Comforta Insurance: Solution for Protection from Critical Illnesses

10 Aug 2020


PFI Mega Life, a joint venture company between Prudential Financial Inc and CT Corporation, officially released its newest product launch, namely Mega Comforta Insurance on Monday, August 10, 2020. This product release aims to sharpen PFI Mega Life's vision, namely We Protect Dreams, which aims to protect the dreams of every level of Indonesian society with affordable critical illness insurance products.
The launch of the latest product, named Asuransi Mega Comforta, is seen as one of the best solutions to deal with an uncertain pandemic situation. The reason is, the corona virus is a type of disease that can happen to anyone. However, critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, and so on, are still in the spotlight regarding public health in Indonesia.
"We are doing research, where critical illness is still a major public health problem, not only in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. In order to protect dreams and also the future, we believe that Mega Comforta Insurance is the right product to be the solution to these problems. With an affordable price, we hope that people will be more aware of being able to provide extra protection through this product, ”said Samdarshi Sumit, President Director of PFI Mega Life.
Director of Consumer Banking at Bank Mega Diza Larentie welcomed the collaboration between Bank Mega and PFI Mega Life. "Through this collaboration, Bank Mega credit card holders have the opportunity to have insurance products that can be relied on to protect themselves and their families, so they can plan for the future even better," said Diza.
Mega Comforta Insurance is a Life Insurance product that will provide insurance benefits in the form of protection from death due to an illness or accident, and being diagnosed for the first time in one of the 10 critical illnesses. This product provides a compensation benefit of up to 500% of the sum assured according to the chosen plan. Mega Comforta Insurance will provide benefits to the Insured with an entry age of up to 59 years.
The newest insurance product from PFI Mega Life will be distributed through digital channels (direct-to-customer) and also in collaboration with Bank Mega.
Mega Comforta Insurance Benefits
• The benefit of the death penalty
Age cover benefits if the insured dies not due to an accident while still in the insurance period, the heir will receive 100% benefit according to the chosen plan. If the insured dies due to an accident, the heir will get a benefit of 500% according to the chosen plan.

• Critical Illness Benefits
If the Insured is diagnosed for the first time in one of the 10 critical illnesses, the Insured will get a benefit of 100% according to the chosen plan.
For every benefit paid, then the Policyholder's insurance period will end.
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About PFI Mega Life
Established in 2011, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance is a joint venture with a new structure that combines Prudential Financial Inc.'s global expertise with the strength of CT Corpora's local market network. PFI Mega Life provides a complete range of life insurance products to serve a wide range of customers, from large corporations to individuals. Its product offerings include insurance products linked to investment and credit shield insurance. PFI Mega Life products and services are distributed through various channels, including bancassurance, telemarketing and retail.

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About Bank Mega
PT Bank Mega Tbk has been active in Indonesia for more than 50 years, to be precise established on April 15, 1969. Since being taken over by CT Corp in 1996, Bank Mega has grown to become one of the most respected banks in the country. Currently, Bank Mega is part of the CT Corp ecosystem and offers a full range of products and services in the financial services sector through 379 office networks throughout Indonesia. In mid-2020, the Bank Mega Credit Card was selected as the Best Credit Card for the BUKU III Bank Category by Infobank Magazine.

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