PFI Mega Life Launches COVID-19 Risk Assessment

14 May 2020

The number of cases of COVID-19 coronavirus is getting higher, which certainly makes people become increasingly worried about the transmission of this virus. In fact, there are certain conditions that make a person more susceptible to contracting than others.

As a form of attention to PFI Mega Life, the company created a feature that can be used by everyone to conduct initial screening for COVID-19 transmission. This feature is in the form of a chatbot that you can use on the front page of the official website of PFI Mega Life.

This initiative is done so that everyone can immediately see the risk of COVID-19 on yourself even just by using a smartphone. It's easy, see the following steps:

  1. Visit the PFI Mega Life official site.
  2. Click the icon that says "Do you have a risk of contracting Covid19?".
  3. Follow the question and answer session provided.

It only takes no less than 1 minute, you can immediately get the results. Surely, this is an easy step to protecting your dreams.

You can also do this risk assessment on the front page of the DetikHealth interface that you can visit here.

Please share this important information with friends and family that you love, so they can also be protected from this COVID-19 outbreak.

Stay healthy and avoid public places as much as possible. (5/14/2020)

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