PFI Mega Life and Transmart Collaborate Hits to Support Go Green and Protect Dreams

10 Nov 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesians certainly spent more time at home. Inevitably, this makes the use of plastic bigger and can create various environmental problems. According to research conducted by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's Environmental Agency, plastic use during the pandemic has increased.

For this reason, Transmart together with PFI Mega Life is carrying out a new lifestyle movement that is very close to daily habits which will provide great benefits, such as presenting shopping bags made of cloth. Every purchase of this shopping bag, customers can be protected with protection from PFI Mega Life for one month after the insurance is successfully activated. That way, each customer will get personal accident protection for one month.

"We (PFI Mega Life and Transmart) conducted research where during this pandemic, the use of plastics has increased, causing a big environmental problem in the future. Based on research conducted by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's Environmental Service, it states that plastic use has increased during the pandemic. Seeing this, we wanted to make a small gesture that could save the world, and starting with a cloth shopping bag. In addition, by supporting this campaign, buyers will certainly be protected with protection from PFI Mega Life, "said Samdarshi Sumit, President Director of PFI Mega Life.

"This neat collaboration between Transmart and PFI Mega Life is carried out with the aim of protecting the dreams of every Indonesian, and to be able to support environmental care programs while being able to get self-protection from insurance. We invite all customers to actively participate in the Go Green campaign, "Pat Consumers for Health, Buy Go Green Bags. Lost Plastic Waste, Protected Lives", said PT Trans Retail Indonesia's Vice President for Corporate Communication, Satria Hamid.

Satria also added that the Go Green campaign will be carried out in the First Stage in all Jabodetabek Transmart, which in the next stage can be in all stores throughout Indonesia. This is certainly done so that the earth can be saved from increasing plastic waste.

Mega Personal Accident is a Life Insurance product that will be used by PFI Mega Life to protect customers through a partnership created with Transmart. This Term Life Insurance provides protection to the Insured against the risk of dying from an accident with an active insurance period of 30 days.

Mega Personal Accident Benefits
• Death Benefit
Customers who have been protected will get 100% of the sum assured if they die because of an accident.

• Benefits for Beneficiaries
By protecting themselves with the Mega Personal Accident, the beneficiary will immediately get 100% of the Sum Insured from the Insured due to death due to an accident. So every dream that has been lived will not just disappear.
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