Pemenang Kontes Trip Thailand periode Januari – Juni 2020

10 Jul 2020


Focus is definitely one of the keys for everyone to achieve success. Even so, to become a professional insurance agent, especially Telemarketer, which is the key to the growth of the telemarketing channel at PT PFI Mega Life Insurance, that focus must be based on awareness to help customers.

On this occasion PFI Mega Life also officially announced the Telemarketers who won the contest trip to Thailand in the period January to June 2020 (The Winners Of Half Year 2020 Thailand Trip) with the highest policy and premium acquisition categories.

The predicate was given to Ghati Larassati and Christieyola Yuliando with the highest Mega Hospital Investa (Bank) product sales, Wahyuni ​​with the highest Mega Hospital Investa (Non Bank) product sales, then Nila Sagita Sari with the highest Mega Credit Shield product acquisition.

However, what seemed different from the previous trip contests was that the winners each received cash in lieu of a trip to Thailand due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation which made it impossible to travel overseas.

This is a form of commitment and appreciation of PFI Mega Life to always support marketing agents to be more motivated and of course must be based with a heartfelt feeling in providing protection to customers or prospective customers. (7/10/2020)

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