Develop Wings, PFI Mega Life Releases Mega Saving Protection: Insurance Products with Saving Elements

18 Aug 2020


Bank Mega and PFI Mega Life (a joint venture between Prudential Financial Inc and CT Corporation) are proud to announce the launch of a new product, namely Mega Saving Protection on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. This product launch has made both parties commit to providing choices. insurance products to the public. Interestingly, the insurance product released this time not only has a protection feature but also a product that has a savings component to realize and protect the future dreams of the customer.

The launch of the latest product named Mega Saving Protection is based on research conducted by PFI Mega Life, and the belief of the two companies, both Bank Mega and PFI Mega Life, that now is the right time to protect ourselves from uncertain conditions.

"We feel that in this uncertain condition it is the right time for everyone in Indonesia to have protection and save at the same time for the sake of children's education in the future, dreams of having a vacation, worship trips, and so on. With the presence of Mega Saving Protection, this product complements the range of protection products from PFI Mega Life. Of course, to carry out our mission "We Protect Dreams", Mega Saving Protection, which is an insurance product with a savings component that has definite benefits, is expected to provide peace of mind for every level of society while preparing for future needs, and alleviating the risk burden due to disease. and accidents, ”said Samdarshi Sumit, President Director of PFI Mega Life.

Meanwhile, Director of Consumer Banking at Bank Mega, Diza Larentie, explained that Bank Mega is committed to always providing the best for its customers by providing various alternative product choices that suit the needs and risk profiles of customers. "Through the customer base and network of Bank Mega offices throughout Indonesia and collaboration with PFI Mega Life, the various benefits and advantages contained in the Mega Saving Protection product will be well recognized by Bank Mega customers, so that customers will get financial solutions in accordance with the needs they have ", explained Diza.

Mega Saving Protection is a dual-purpose life insurance product issued by PT PFI Mega Life Insurance that provides insurance protection against the risk of death caused by accidents and non-accidents, and provides benefits from a scheduled cash value stage with a definite value as agreed in the Policy.
This product is accompanied by an optimal insurance coverage component, which provides protection up to 400% of the accumulated premiums that have been paid by the customer, with an insurance period of up to 70 years of age or until the end of coverage.

Mega Saving Protection Benefits

• Stages benefits
The benefits of the scheduled stages will be paid in stages starting 5 (five) years before the end of the insurance protection, payment is made at the end of each Policy year.

• The benefit of the death penalty
If the Insured dies during the Insurance Period and the Mega Saving Protection Policy is still valid (inforce), then a Close Age Benefit will be paid, a maximum of 400%, the status of the Policy remains active and the maximum benefit is 170% of the total premium that has been entered, and will paid in stages.

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About PFI Mega Life

Established in 2011, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance is a joint venture with a new structure that combines Prudential Financial Inc.'s global expertise with the strength of CT Corpora's local market network. PFI Mega Life provides a complete range of life insurance products to serve a wide range of customers, from large corporations to individuals. Its product offerings include insurance products linked to investment and credit shield insurance. PFI Mega Life products and services are distributed through various channels, including bancassurance, telemarketing and retail.
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About Bank Mega

PT Bank Mega Tbk has been active in Indonesia for more than 50 years, to be precise established on April 15, 1969. Since being taken over by CT Corp in 1996, Bank Mega has grown into one of the big banks in the BUKU 3 Bank category in the country. Currently, Bank Mega is part of the CT Corp ecosystem and offers a full range of products and services in the financial services sector through 379 office networks throughout Indonesia. Bank Mega also has a variety of digital services that can be relied on in improving services to customers, so that it becomes more comfortable, safer and faster


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